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Paysera introduces new Visa card designs!

You may have already noticed the new Visa card designs that Paysera offers. It would be hard not to, as they do tend to stand out! So how do they fit our rebranding process, and why are both designs so important for our brand? You’re about to find out!

Our rebranding journey last year

Back in March 2022, we announced the new era of Paysera’s rebranding. Throughout the year, we introduced the new Paysera colour scheme and two logos – one for Paysera as a whole and another for one of our beloved products – Paysera Tickets.

Fast-forward to December 2022, and we’re ready to share yet another achievement that we’re immensely proud of – the new Visa payment card designs.

While the design that represents our new visual identity seems like an obvious choice, you may have noticed that there are not one, but two new Visa card designs – the second one featuring the Ukrainian flag.

Let’s talk about both and the idea behind them.

The Visa card and Paysera's visual identity

Check out this beauty!

Our new brand design is reflected perfectly in the Visa card, and it’s everything we hoped for – the two shades of blue and green visualise our company values of trust, forward-thinking, integrity, experience, innovation, and of course sustainability and prosperity.

We hope that our clients are just as proud as we are to carry a card with a lively, vivid, modern, and original design!


The Ukrainian flag Visa card

So what makes the Ukrainian flag so important to us?

At the risk of stating the obvious, Paysera condemns the war Russia has started against Ukraine. Words alone, however, will not make a difference, therefore, as an ethical business that also has Ukrainian employees and provides its services to the citizens of Ukraine, we feel obligated to support them and democratic values overall.

Now, there are different ways of offering support, and as you probably already figured out, the new Visa card with a Ukrainian flag is one of them.

Earlier last year, we showed our support by:

  • Closing Paysera accounts for all Russian citizens;
  • Stopping all transfers to and from Russia
  • Shifting our Vilnius office space to accommodate Ukrainian refugees, some of which live there to this day, as the war is not over

Let’s be mindful of the environment

We hope that you like the new Visa card designs, and we completely understand if you want to order one as we speak.

However, we’d like to ask you to be mindful of the environment and sustainability. If your current Visa card hasn’t expired yet, we’d be grateful if you didn’t order a new one just yet.

Don’t worry, the new cards aren’t going anywhere, and they’ll be waiting for you when the time comes!