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Paysera expands to Georgia and receives its first bank licence!

They say that a new year is a new beginning. But why wait for 2023? 2022 isn’t over yet and we are thrilled to announce a new partnership in yet another country – Georgia! Say hello to “Paysera Georgia” – the very first Paysera bank and the first digital bank in Georgia.

Background story

November 17th was no ordinary day for Paysera. It was the day when the National Bank of Georgia granted “Paysera Georgia” a banking licence – a significant recognition of our business model and its sustainability. Not only is it a 15th commercial bank licence for Georgia, but also the first digital bank licence.

Although Paysera is a global brand, we strongly believe that it is the local entrepreneurs that can empathise with the local needs and effective implementation methods the best. 

This is precisely why Paysera Georgia was founded and managed by experienced local entrepreneurs, one of which is a local legend – Dimitry Kumsishvili. Dimitry has quite a professional background – he is a businessman, business angel, former minister of finance and economy, and former vice prime minister of Georgia.

“Paysera Georgia” is a 9th member of the Paysera network and we gotta say – it’s in great company. More specifically, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, and Kosovo.

Why is this a significant achievement?

Our customers, both current and potential, are our priority. Always have been, and always will be. Consequentially, all of Paysera’s products, services, and partnerships are customer-oriented, and this particular partnership is no exception, as “Paysera Georgia” will enable Georgians to make money transfers to Europe a lot faster. 

And when we say a lot faster, we mean it – the money will reach a recipient in seconds. There’s this unique payment integration initiative that makes it possible – we’re talking about SEPA and SEPA Instant.

That’s right, “Paysera Georgia” will support both SEPA and SEPA Instant!


A few practical facts about Paysera Georgia

  • Paysera Georgia will support both SEPA and SEPA Instant payments
  • The bank is estimated to begin providing services to clients at the beginning of 2023
  • There will be two client service centres in Tbilisi, Georgia and most of the services will be provided remotely